Theatre for Dangerous Territory

A Creation Workshop with Sarah Waisvisz and Eleanor Crowder

  • Free of charge and open to the public; capacity 20
  • Open to professional and amateur artists; some performing experience desired but not required.
  • Please register by April 17, 2017.
  • Where: Studio Mange Mes Pieds, 10 Avenues Des Pins, #214 (on the corner of Des Pins and St. Laurent, 2nd floor).
  • When: April 22, 3-6pm


Devising from personal material. Risks, Benefits. Strategies for success. Participants are invited to bring a personal source with them: journal entries, writing, self-recordings on a phone, photo information. We will work solo and in groups to explore your hands-on creation.  Bring a means to write during the workshop. Eleanor and Sarah will expose some of our own experiments. Your questions and experience will direct our themes.

How to Register: please fill in this contact form.