APA_TUM_0584_2016-02-09_16-41-38 copySarah Waisvisz (Calalou, Great Canadian Theatre Company, Playwrights’ Network)

Monstrous, or the Miscegenation Advantage

Monstrous is a main-stage performance integrating storytelling, multi-genre dance, music, song, projections, and audience interaction. It is a quest for roots, remembrance, and belonging; it is also a cutting, hard-hitting provocation about multiculturalism in Canada. In Monstrous Sarah investigates her family’s multi-racial history, her genetics, and experiences of racism and uneven privilege in ‘multicultural’ Canada. She expresses the longing that resides in belonging. What does the body remember? What is the footprint of slavery four generations later? This show is about learning how to be a griot in the gradation of courageous women culture keepers and storytellers, and in a country only beginning to come to grips with its (and our) colonial history and privileged whiteness.

Sarah Waisvisz (PhD Carleton University) is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Calalou Theatre Company, Associate Editor at Journal, and recipient of grants from the Ontario Arts Council. She is trained in classical ballet, West African and contemporary dance, stilt walking and acrobatics, puppetry, physical theatre, and devised creation. Her scholarship and art treat slavery, Black Atlantic literature, the African diaspora, creolization, human rights, mixed-race identities, postcoloniality, and performances of otherness. Recent work includes: solo performances Monstrous (2016); I Love Oranges and Hate the Port (2014); and Occupy Me! (2013). Future works are: Griot!; Strange Bedfellows; and Heartlines. She has performed in over a dozen plays. She is also a scholar (dissertation: “Dissident Diasporas: Genres of Maroon Witness in Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean Literature”), the recipient of a Bombardier Doctoral Scholarship, and a Playwright in Residence at the Great Canadian Theatre Company.

When: April 20, 7:30-9:30pm

Where: Players Theatre (SSMU Building)

Tickets: $5 on Eventbrite ( or pay-what-you-decide at the door