Featured Presenters

Jill Carter, University of Toronto

Anthem for a Young Nation: The Re-imagination of Self, the Performative Utterance, and the Genesis of Conciliation 

Selena Couture, University of Alberta

Bodies of Knowledge: Teaching Indigenous Theatre and Performance Theories

Ayanna Dozier, McGill University

Bound in Body, Gagged by the Present: The Politics of Re-Mixing the Archive in Juliana Huxtable’s There Are Certain Facts that Can Not Be Disputed 

Jenna Gibbs, Florida International University

Radical Re-Imaginings of Racial Performance: Tom and Jerry; or, Life in London at the African Theatre in New York

Helen Gilbert, Royal Holloway University of London

Transindigenous Cosmopolitanism

Andrew Houston, University of Waterloo

The Embodied Archive in the Mush Hole Project

Stephen Johnson, University of Toronto

Jim Crow and the Fugitive Slave Refugee Crisis in 19th Century Toronto

Douglas A. Jones, Jr., Rutgers University

Black Sprezzatura and the Advent of Performative Writing in (African) American Letters

Naila Keleta-Mae, University of Waterloo

Beyoncé: Performing Black Feminism

Colleen Kim Daniher, Brown University

On Teaching Kim’s Convenience and Twilight Los Angeles in the Asian American Theatre and Performance Studies Classroom

Dorinne Kondo, University of Southern California

Race, Genre, and the Afterlife of Historical Trauma: Scenes from Seamless

Christine Mok, University of Cincinnati

Is Everybody Still Kung-Fu Fighting?

Charmaine Nelson, McGill University

Unfree (Im)mobility: Reading Travel as Resistance in Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth-Century Slave Advertisements of Nova Scotia and Quebec

Harvey Young, Northwestern University

Black Lives Matter in Performance